Alex Waters


Alex Waters is a macroeconomist and market strategist based in Tokyo, covering developed markets across the world. He previously worked for and currently advises Capital Generation Partners’ investment team and Asset Allocation Committee on global macroeconomic trends. Previously he worked for Roubini Global Economics (RGE) as a senior economist - covering G10 economies - and as the leader of the Quantitative Macroeconomics team. Prior to joining RGE, Alex was a quantitative and policy economist for the Commonwealth Secretariat's Debt Management Team. 

Alex holds a Ph.D in economics, an MSc in economic and econometrics, and a BSc in financial economics and econometrics, all of which were obtained from the University of Kent. He has published several, widely cited, academic articles, analysing the interaction between the yield curve and the macroeconomy during the UK's first experience with Quantitative Easing.

Recent Research Papers

RBA Jumps on The Dovish Bandwagon, While RBNZ Still Sits On The Fence


by Alex Waters

19 february 2019

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Fed Preview: Opening The Door To A Pause In The Hiking Cycle


by Alex Waters 

and Brunello Rosa

25 January 2019

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Review: BoJ Lowers Inflation Projections and Remains On Auto-Pilot


by Alex Waters

23 January 2019

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Norges Bank Preview: Waiting For March to Hike


Photo: Esten Borgos (from Norges Bank’s website) 

by Alex Waters

18 January 2019

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BoJ PREVIEW: A Stronger Yen May Cause Some Discomfort


by Alex Waters

17 January 2019

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Review: BOC Remains On Hold, With Hawkish Undertones


by Brunello Rosa, Alex Waters, J. Shupac 

9 January 2019

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December 2018

PREVIEW: BoC Likely to Remain On Hold, While Sounding Upbeat


by Alex Waters and Joseph Shupac

7 January 2019

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MONETARY AFFAIRS - Review: Riksbank Hikes its Policy Rate by 25bps


by Brunello Rosa  and Alex Waters 

20 December 2018

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MONETARY AFFAIRS - Review: Fed Reduces Expected Number of Rate Hikes in 2019


by Brunello Rosa and Alex Waters 

19 December 2018

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MONETARY AFFAIRS -PREVIEW: Fed to Signal Slower Pace of Policy Normalization


by Brunello Rosa, Alex Waters 

and Nouriel Roubini

17 December 2018

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MONETARY AFFAIRS - PREVIEW - Riksbank Likely To Wait Longer Before Lift-Off


by Brunello Rosa and Alex Waters

14 December 2018

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MARKET VIEWS - Markets Buffeted By Tailwinds and Headwinds At Year-End


by Alex Waters

7 December 2019

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