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Farah Aladsani


Farah Aladsani is a Junior Economist at Foresight Advisors. Previously she worked as a Researcher and Content Analyst at Nuqat in Kuwait, a non-profit organisation focusing on cultural development and knowledge sharing in the Middle East. 

Farah holds a BSc with honours in Economics from the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London.

Recent research papers

Fasten Your Seatbelts: Financial Markets’ Review and Outlook


By Alessandro Magnoli Bocchi, Fawaz Sulaiman Al Mughrabi, Farah Aladsani

 14 June 2019 

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Macro Picture - Argentina: Elections To Test The Austerity Measures


by Alessandro Magnoli Bocchi, Farah Aladsani, Fawaz Sulaiman Al Mughrabi and Lapo Fioretti 

5 June 2019


Lebanon: An ‘Unstable Equilibrium’ Supported By Capital Inflows


by Alessandro Magnoli, Farah Aladsani, Fawaz Sulaiman Al Mughrabi

14 May 2019

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Macro Picture - Brazil: The Pension Reform Is The Crucial Test For Bolsonaro


by Alessandro Magnoli Bocchi 

and Farah Aladsani

24 April 2019

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