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FRAncesca Panelli


Francesca Panelli is an economist focusing on developed markets, currently based in Milan. She worked with R&R from May to October 2019 and currently works at Amundi. Her main research interests are monetary and fiscal policy, global trade, labour markets and productivity trends. Francesca is part of the Euromoney country risk team of experts for country risk analysis. She has travelled extensively across the United States and Asia, meeting with policymakers and authorities. Between 2016 and 2019 Francesca was Head of Research at Livingston Capital Partners, based in Switzerland. She started her career in the asset management industry in Italy, where she held different roles within the Banco Popolare banking group, including Chief Economist for Aletti Gestielle. While in this role, she specialised in macroeconomic forecasting and received many Bloomberg awards as most accurate forecaster of both US and Eurozone economic data. She was also member of the US National Association of Business Economists. Francesca then moved to Oxford, where she joined Oxford Analytica, expanding her expertise into international affairs and geopolitics. 

Francesca has been an adjunct professor at LIUC University and regularly lectures in under- and post-graduate courses. She holds a Master’s degree in Applied econometrics from Pavia University and a bachelor’s degree in economics, magna cum laude, from the same University. She also attended the CREI macroeconomics summer school at Pompeu Fabra University and a specialisation course on FX at the Swiss Financial Institute. 


Preview: RBA Ready To Cut Rates Again



By Brunello Rosa and Francesca Panelli

27 September 2019

Flash Review: BoJ On Hold, Getting Ready To Ease Policy In October


By Brunello Rosa and Francesca Panelli 

19 September 2019

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by N. Roubini, B. Rosa and F. Panelli

17 September 2019

August - september 2019

FED PREVIEW: A 25bps Cut In September, With the Door Open to More Cuts Later On


by Nouriel Roubini, Brunello Rosa and Francesca Panelli

16 September 2019

Flash Preview: SNB Getting Ready To Follow The ECB With Lower Rates


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13 September 2019

Flash Preview: Norges Bank To Weigh Its Options In September


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13 September 2019

BOC, RBA and Riksbank Preview: On Hold, With A Dovish Bias


by Francesca Panelli and Brunello Rosa 

30 August 2019

ECB View Update: A Larger Stimulus Package For a More Severe Economic Slowdown


By B. Rosa, N. Roubini and Francesca Panelli

23 August 2019

MEXICO: Deteriorating Macroeconomic Outlook Amid Policy Uncertainty


by Francesca Panelli and Brunello Rosa 

22 August 2019

June - August 2019

Income And Wealth Inequality Continues To Weigh On Global Growth


by Francesca Panelli  

16 August 2019

MONETARY AFFAIRS - Flash Preview: RBNZ to Cut Rates in August


by Brunello Rosa and Francesca Panelli

2 August 2019

A Cautious BOJ Stays Put, But Signals Readiness To Ease If Economic Conditions Worsen


by Brunello Rosa and Francesca Panelli

30 July 2019

ECB PREVIEW: Getting Ready To Deliver More Easing In September


by B. Rosa, A. Waters, F. Panelli

19 July 2019

BoC Preview: Balancing Global Headwinds with Domestic Resilience


by Francesca Panelli and Brunello Rosa

5 July 2019

US Inflation: Several Factors Dampening Structural Upward Pressures


by Francesca Panelli 

13 June 2019