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Grégoire ROOS


Grégoire Roos is a geopolitical analyst, focusing on European politics, political economy, international security and great powers’ strategies of influence. He started his career at the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Senegal, where he focused on public finance reform and industrial development policy. After a few years working in and on sub-Saharan Africa, Grégoire joined the financial services industry in Europe as a Business Intelligence Officer, where he’s been looking at emerging technologies and the market impact of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Grégoire has collaborated with various policy research centres and think tanks on foreign policy and security issues (European tech & defence policy, European Strategic Autonomy, the future of the Franco-German relationship, EU-Russian relationship and Russian politics, political leadership in the Mediterranean, the crisis of the Euro-Atlantic bond, NATO in the Fourth Industrial Revolution, etc.). He has also served as France’s Youth Ambassador to UNESCO and is a young leader fellow of several organisations across Europe (such as BMW Foundation, Globsec, St. Gallen Symposium, Warsaw Security Forum, World Economic Forum).

A French national, Grégoire is a graduate in history, philosophy, political sciences and international law & economics (Paris University, Sciences Po and EHESS), and a reserve officer in the French Navy.

Recent Publications

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by Grégoire Roos and Brunello Rosa

5 December 2019

POLICY COMPASS - EU Update: A Challenging Start For The “Geopolitical Commission”


by Grégoire Roos and Brunello Rosa

11 October 2019