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Rémi Bourgeot


Rémi Bourgeot is an economist covering advanced and emerging markets for R&R. He has led a dual career as an investment strategist on fixed-income and forex markets in the asset management industry, as well as  an expert on Europe and emerging markets for various think tanks. Rémi is currently an associate fellow at the French Institute for International and Strategic Affairs (IRIS). His focus on trade and financial imbalances helps him to analyse the changing trends in economic policy and international relations. Drawing on his scientific background, he pays particular attention to technological disruptions and their impact on economic balances and competitiveness. On Europe, his studies investigate competitiveness issues, the ECB, Eurozone reform, Brexit, and European politics, with a particular focus on Germany. 

His work on emerging markets centres on the BRICs economies and the macro-financial trends affecting them, especially in terms of trade, financial flows, and monetary policy.  He has also devoted a series of studies to Turkey and the Middle East, focusing on their growth strategies and energy geopolitics. He appears regularly on radio and television, and writes op-eds for various French media outlets. Rémi holds Master’s degrees from the Higher Institute for Aeronautics and Space (SupAero) and from the Toulouse School of Economics. In addition to English, he speaks French (native) and German, and has a basic knowledge of Turkish. 

Recent Research Papers

Russia: Monetary Stabilisation, Economic Stagnation and Geopolitics Create A Mixed Political Picture


by Rémi Bourgeot and Brunello Rosa

17 July 2019

FRANCE: The Social Crisis Lingers, While European Alliances Are Being Questioned


by Rémi Bourgeot 

9 May 2019

MARKET VIEWS - Emerging Market Currencies: The Fed’s Pause Provides Short-Term Support


by Rémi Bourgeot

13 March 2019

TRAVEL NOTES -France: Social Tensions Upend French and Eurozone Politics


by Rémi Bourgeot

19 December 2018

TRAVEL NOTES - GERMANY: A Succession Drama at a Time of Economic Weakness


by Rémi Bourgeot

4 December 2018

MACRO PICTURE - BRAZIL: Partisan Trench War Impedes a Huge Potential


by Rémi Bourgeot

2 October 2018

EM Global Tremors: Central Banks’ Different Strategies to Defend Their Currencies


by Rémi Bourgeot 

4 September 2018

IRAN: Mismanagement and International Tensions Stifle a Great Potential


by Rémi Bourgeot

29 June 2018 

GERMANY: An Economic Powerhouse Trying to Revive the Political Centre Ground


By Rémi Bourgeot and Brunello Rosa

23 May 2018

Russia: An Impressive Normalisation Towards Modest Growth


by Rémi Bourgeot

23 March 2018

Turkey: Muddling Through Macroeconomic and Geopolitical Challenges


by Rémi Bourgeot 

7 February 2018

EM Currencies: Still Pressured, but More Resilient to Normalisation


by Rémi Bourgeot 

6 December 2017