R&R Value Proposition

Rosa & Roubini provides value to its clients by independently analysing 

the drivers of macroeconomic and political developments, 

and deriving their implications for financial markets 

Description of Services


Rosa & Roubini provides high-end, independent, macro-financial research and advisory services for a variety of clients, primarily asset managers, institutional investors, private and public sector organisations, non-financial corporations. 

R&R derives its analytical capabilities from the experience of its analysts in academia, policy making and the private sector. Analysts and contributors are located in various parts of the world, from Europe to America, from Asia to the Middle East. 

R&R covers the main macro-financial, political and geopolitical events with macro/market implications in developed markets and the most relevant emerging economies. R&R’s research, based on an original heuristic approach, combines macroeconomic analysis, political economy considerations, policy response and market implications. On a quarterly basis, R&R also produces a pro-forma, top-down asset allocation across all the major liquid and illiquid asset classes. 

In a nutshell, R&R aims at Making Sense of This World, for clients looking for a compass in such a complicated environment, helping them develop a narrative that joins the dots of the most significant events occurring at global level.

Countries Covered by our research


In BLUE: Countries covered by individual reports

In ORANGE: Countries covered by thematic or regional reports

Heuristic Approach


Heuristic Approach

 R&R's heuristic methodology analyses the developments not just in the macroconomic and financial space, but also in the political and geopolitical environment

Picture from A.Vercelli, Keynes and Lucas, Methodological Foundations of Macroeconomics, Cambridge University Press (1991)


Insights From Five Major Disciplines

R&R adopt a unique heuristic methodology that allows them to connect the dots between developments deriving from Macroeconomics, Financial Markets, Political Risk, Geo-Strategy and Cyber Risk, and produce valuable insights

Strategic Partnerships


Foresight Advisors

R&R collaborates with Foresight Advisors for macroeconomic analysis, emerging markets, and asset allocation. Foresight is a management consulting firm, providing customised advisory services to international companies, institutions and family offices. Over the past two decades, Foresight Advisors has been working on economic analysis and international investments in Europe, the US, Asia, the Middle East, Latin America, and Africa.

Academic Links


City Political Economy Research Centre

City Political Economy Research Centre

City Political Economy Research Centre


Systemic Risk Centre

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City Political Economy Research Centre