Nouriel ROubini on Bloomberg -26 February 2020


Nouriel Roubini discusses the possible impact of Coronavirus on the global economy and markets

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Nouriel roubini on Et NOW tv - 11 January 2020

Nouriel Roubini discusses the global economy and the risks to financial markets on ET NOW at the CFA conference in Mumbai

Nouriel Roubini on RealVision - 3 January 2020


Nouriel Roubini discusses the 2020 Global Market Outlook

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Brunello Rosa on CNBC - 17 December 2019


Brunello Rosa presents the 2020 Global Outlook

Discussion in the US-China Phase-1 Deal: Watch video HERE

Discussion on Helicopter Money and EZ "Green" Investment: Watch video HERE 

Brunello Rosa on UK Election, 12-13 December 19


A selection of Brunello Rosa's TV and Radio interviews on the UK general election

La 7, “Coffee Break”, 12 December 2019

London One Radio, 12 December 2019

Radio Rai – GR1, 12 December 2019

La 7, Maratona Mentana, 12 December 2019

Rai Tg24, 13 December 2019

Class CNBC, 13 December 2019

Brunello Rosa ON Bloomberg - 14 OCTOBER 2019


Brunello Rosa on Bloomberg Surveillance discusses about the world economy

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Brunello Rosa on CNBC - 7 October 2019


Brunello Rosa discusses Italy's draft budget and growth challenges

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Nouriel Roubini on TD AMeritrade - 4 October 19


Nouriel Roubini discusses the four collision courses of the global economy

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Brunello Rosa ON CNBC - 12 SEptember 2019


Brunello Rosa discusses ECB's policy options ahead of their Governing Council meeting in September

- Expected benefits from an easing package (click here to watch video)

- Why long-term interest rates, in a deflationary environment, might fall when QE stops (click here to watch video)

Brunello Rosa on La7 - 7 September 2019


Interview on the risk of a return of political violence in Ireland following a possible hard Brexit

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Nouriel Roubini on Bloomberg-6 September 2019


Roubini Says Markets Too Complacent, Chance of Recession Over 25%

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Brunello Rosa on CNBC - 12 August 2019


Brunello Rosa discusses how Italy may leave the euro with other countries if a crisis hits Europe

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Nouriel Roubini on Bloomberg - 2 July 2019


Nouriel Roubini speaks about the lingering risks of a global recession

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Brunello Rosa on CNBC - 4 June 2019


Salvini is on his way to becoming Italy's prime minister, analyst predicts

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Rémi Bourgeot ON FRANCE24 - 20 May 2019


Rémi Bourgeot discusses the escalating tech war between US and China

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Brunello Rosa on CNBC - 6 February 2019


Brunello Rosa discusses European issues ahead of the May 2019 elections and Italy's third recession since 2008

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RÉMI BOURGEOT ON FRANCE24 - 22 January 2019


Rémi Bourgeot discusses the consequences of Brexit for France and the rest of Europe

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Interviews on New GLobal Crisis October 2018 - February 2019


France TV - FranceInfo (in French)

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Sverige Radio P3 - Dystopia - 19 November 2018

PODCAST - Ekonomisk Kollaps (in Swedish and English) 

BelSat - Belarus Television - 2 November 2018

VIDEO Interview (in Russian)

RT TV - 11 October 2018

Brunello Rosa on RAI - 28 September 2018

Brunello Rosa discusses Italy's budget proposal for 2019-21 (in Italian).

Additionally, by clicking on this LINK, you can watch Brunello Rosa live on RaiNews, discussing why the 3% deficit/GDP ratio is a threshold that is not relevant for Italy anymore. 


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