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Events - Conferences

Macroeconomic Breakfast With CapGen

Macro-financial and geo-political fireside conversation with Capital Generation Partners

19 October 2018

Presentation with Cantor Fitzgerald

Where Are The Risks? 

Fireside Conversations with Peter Cecchini

New York  - 23 April 2018

London - 11 June 2018

Institutional Investor Conference

Macroeconomic Perspectives and the Future of Europe

Opening Presentation at the Conference of Institutional Investor Institute


1 March 2018

Presentation with KBW

Markets in February 2018



8 February 2018

Presentation At France Stratégie

Alternative Structural Reforms in Italy to Fight Corruption and Brain Drain

Presentation at Roundtable


12 January 2018

Tailored Research

Example - El Salvador

Opportunities in Latin-American Frontier Markets: The Case for El Salvador 

by Joseph Shupac

1 May 2018

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1-Page Chief Executive Summaries (Examples)

ECB to Gradually Exit QE by Year-end


Brunello Rosa 

and Nouriel Roubini 

17 April 2018

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Brexit: Transition Deal, Trade Agreements and Risks of a Cliff-Edge into WTO

By Brunello Rosa, Pablo Gallego Cuervo and Renata Bossini 

28 March 2018

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The European “Musical Chairs” Game Has Just Begun

by Brunello Rosa 

and Nouriel Roubini

17 January 2018

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Strategic Asset Allocation

Asset Allocation Update: Cautious Risk Exposure With Defensive Positioning

by Alessandro Magnoli Bocchi and Francisco Quintana

29 March 2018

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Strategic Asset Allocation 2018: Moderate Risk-Taking Within A Defensive Positioning

by Alessandro Magnoli Bocchi  

22 December 2017

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