Alessandro Magnoli Bocchi


Alessandro Magnoli Bocchi specialises in macroeconomic and risk analysis and asset allocation. He is the founder and CEO of Foresight Advisors as well as economic adviser to Burgan Bank, in Kuwait. Over the past 25 years, he has been working in the field of economic analysis, business management and international investments in Europe, the US, Asia, the Middle East, Latin America, and Africa. Prior to creating Foresight Advisors, Dr. Magnoli Bocchi was Chief Economist and member of the management team and Investment Committee at the Kuwait China Investment Company (KCIC). 

Before joining KCIC in 2008, he was senior economist with the World Bank, where he was recruited through the Young Professionals Program in 2000. Previously, he held the positions of Research Associate at Harvard University and Economist at the Inter-American Development Bank. He is Qualified Chartered Accountant, Fiscal and Business consultant under Italian jurisdiction and has published numerous articles and books. He holds a Ph.D. in Management Sciences from ESADE; an MBA/MIM from CEMS (Bocconi/ESADE); and a BA in Business Administration from Bocconi University.   


STRATEGIC ASSET ALLOCATION: Defensive Risk Profile, Focus On Capital Preservation


by Alessandro Magnoli Bocchi

29 March 2019

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MARKET VIEWS: A “Fed Collar” Is Likely To Support The Markets In H1-2019


by Alessandro Magnoli Bocchi

27 February 2019

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September 2018 - January 2019

MONETARY AFFAIRS - The Future of Banking: Small is the New Big


by Alessandro Magnoli Bocchi 

and Mert Yildiz

24 January 2019

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Turkey: Economic Stabilization After The March Local Elections


by Alessandro Magnoli Bocchi

11 January 2019

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2019 Global Outlook & Strategic Asset Allocation: Skating on Thinner Ice


by Nouriel Roubini, Brunello Rosa 

and Alessandro Magnoli Bocchi

18 December 2018

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Oil Outlook 2019-20: Oil Prices’ Gradual Decline To Support Global Growth


By Alessandro Magnoli Bocchi 

and Francisco Quintana

26 November 2018

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Hedging The Risk of A Potential Emerging Markets Crisis


by Alessandro Magnoli Bocchi, 

Pablo Gallego Cuervo, 

Francisco Quintana

2 November 2018

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EMs Under Pressure: The Divergence Between The U.S. And Other Countries Is Still Inc


STRATEGIC ASSET ALLOCATION  And MARKET UPDATE  by Alessandro Magnoli Bocchi and Francisco Quintana

27 September 2018 

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June - August 2018

DISRUPTIVE IDEAS Hedging Against A Euro Break-Up


by Alessandro Magnoli, Brunello Rosa, Pablo Gallego and Damiano Terziotti

30 August 2018

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Turkish Lira Tumbles, Contagion Risks Rise


by Alessandro Magnoli Bocchi, Francisco Quintana and Pablo Gallego Cuervo

13 August 2018

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Emerging Markets Outlook: Rising Risks, Fragility Ahead


by Alessandro Magnoli Bocchi 

and Francisco Quintana

24 July 2018 

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IRAQ: Protests Will Be Contained, But Risk Of Further Unrest Remains


by A. Magnoli Bocchi, Pablo Gallego and Francisco Quintana

18 July 2018

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Rising Risks in Emerging Markets From Decline in Global Liquidity


By Alessandro Magnoli Bocchi and Francisco Quintana

26 June 2018

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TURKEY: Volatility Until the Elections, Slow Normalization Thereafter


by Alessandro Magnoli Bocchi and Pablo Gallego Cuervo

1 June 2018

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December 2017 - May 2018

Oil Prices in 2018-20: Unlikely To Hamper Global Growth Likely To Support Oil-Related Assets


By Alessandro Magnoli Bocchi, Francisco Quintana

3 May 2018

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Asset Allocation Update: Cautious Risk Exposure With Defensive Positioning



Alessandro Magnoli Bocchi

and Francisco Quintana

29 March 2018

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Monetary Policy in the Medium-Term: Tighter Stance, Expanded Toolkit



Alessandro Magnoli Bocchi 

and Francisco Quintana

23 February 2018

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Turkey’s Attacks In Afrin Will Be Small-Scale And Unlikely To Move Markets


By Alessandro Magnoli Bocchi and Pablo Gallego Cuervo

22 January 2018

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Strategic Asset Allocation 2018: Moderate Risk-Taking Within A Defensive Positioning


By Alessandro Magnoli Bocchi

22 December 2017

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MACRO PICTURE: Saudi Arabia: Rough Seas, But No Storm Ahead


By Alessandro Magnoli Bocchi, Francisco Quintana, Pablo Gallego Cuervo

5 December 2017

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