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Arlind Rama


Arlind Rama is a Humphrey Fellow of Department of State at the Humphrey School of Public Affairs in Minnesota. He served as Adviser to the Prime Minister of Albania coordinating the Government’s Priority of Employment and Economic Growth. Before joining the PM’s Cabinet, Arlind worked as Economist at the Research Department of the Bank of Albania specializing is macroeconomic projections and economic modeling fundamentals analysis. His research interests focus on public policy design and implementation, fiscal and monetary policy, financial markets, strategic investments, and public finances management. A contributor to the LSE Research Center on Southeastern Europe , Arlind is co-founder of the Institute for Public Policy and Good Governance (IPPM) and lectures anti-corruption and good governance in the Albanian School of Public Administration. 

Arlind holds a Master of Science in Financial Economics from City University London, awarded Chevening scholarship by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. He graduated in Finance and is a PhD Candidate at the University of Tirana where he also lectures.  

Recent Research Papers

Albania: Opposition Triggers Political Crisis, Putting EU Negotiations at Risk


by Arlind Rama

1 March 2019

WORKING PAPER: NATO Membership Anchoring Political Risk in Macedonia


Picture by Marco Moretti from La Stampa

by Arlind Rama

28 December 2018

WORKING PAPER: Poland Remains in Defiance of EU Rules


by Arlind Rama

18 October 2018

Tensions in the Balkans Are Rising Ahead of Strategic Paper on EU Enlargement


by Arlind Rama

19 January 2018

Western Balkans: Still Many Obstacles to EU Accession


by Arlind Rama and Brunello Rosa

9 January 2018