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Joseph Shupac


Joseph is an analyst covering North America and in particular the Canadian economy for R&R. He is the founder of macroeconomic and geopolitical research sites such as Future Economics. Joseph studied economics at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.  

Recent Research Papers

2019 GDP Growth Slowdown Set To Continue In 2020


by Joseph Shupac

9 January 2020

Resilient Economy And Expected Easier Fiscal Stance Give BoC Time To Weigh Its Options


by Brunello Rosa and Joseph Shupac

25 October 2019

October 2018 - June 2019

The Importance Of Uttar Pradesh In The Political Success Of Narendra Modi


by Joseph Shupac

26 June 2019

MONETARY AFFAIRS - Central Bank Preview: BOC Likely To Pause For Longer


by Alex Waters, Joseph Shupac  and Brunello Rosa

4 MArch 2019

DISRUPTIVE IDEAS: The Revenge of Demographics


The Economic, Policy and Financial Implications  of Current Demographic Trends

by Brunello Rosa and Joseph Shupac

15 January 2019

MONETARY AFFAIRS - REVIEW: BOC Remains On Hold, With Hawkish Undertones


by B. Rosa, A. Waters and Joseph Shupac 

9 January 2019

PREVIEW: BoC Likely to Remain On Hold, While Sounding Upbeat


by Alex Waters and Joseph Shupac

7 January 2019

BOC REVIEW: Trade Relief Ensures An Autumn Hike and Hawkish Tones


by Joseph Shupac and Brunello Rosa 

24 October 2018

WORKING PAPER - Argentina: Between Disaster and Hope


by Brunello Rosa 

and Joseph Shupac

5 September 2018

MONETARY AFFAIRS - BOC Review: Hike Now, and on a Half-Yearly Basis


by Joseph Shupac  and Brunello Rosa

12 July 2018

PREVIEW: BOC Set to Raise Rates, But No Longer Certain to Signal Further Hikes


by Joseph Shupac and Brunello Rosa

6 July 2018

MONETARY AFFAIRS - BOC Preview: Cautious BOC To Stay on Hold In April


by Jospeh Shupac and Brunello Rosa

13 April 2018

MONETARY AFFAIRS - BOC Preview: On Hold Given Negative Economic Surprises


by Joseph Shupac and Brunello Rosa

6 March 2018

Canada: Strong Cyclical Growth, But Structural Challenges Lie Ahead


by Joseph Shupac and Brunello Rosa

11 January 2018