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R&R Working Paper Series

R&R Working Papers are initial versions of our research papers, 

a sketchy draft of our travel notes, key bullet points about recent 

macroeconomic, policy or political and market developments

RECEnt working papers

“Hoping For A Rebound” - Key Takeaways From The IMF Spring Meetings


by Nouriel Roubini and Brunello Rosa

19 April 2019

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WORKING PAPER: Post-Ambrosetti Forum - Bullet Points and Key Takeaways on Europe


by Brunello Rosa and Nouriel Roubini

8 April 2019

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Albania: Opposition Triggers Political Crisis, Putting EU Negotiations at Risk


by Arlind Rama

1 March 2019

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WORKING PAPER - Europe Bullet Points: Numerous Open Fronts


by Brunello Rosa and Nouriel Roubini

31 January 2019

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NATO Membership Anchoring Political Risk in Macedonia


Picture by Marco Moretti from La Stampa

by Arlind Rama

28 December 2018

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ECB Bullet Points: We Do Not Expect Radical Shift in Policy in December


by Brunello Rosa and Nouriel Roubini

26 November 2016

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Poland Remains in Defiance of EU Rules


by Arlind Rama

18 October 2018

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Post - Ambrosetti Forum Bullet Points


by Brunello Rosa and Nouriel Roubini

10 September 2018

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Argentina: Between Disaster and Hope


by Brunello Rosa and Joseph Shupac

5 September 2018

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WORKING PAPER - Turkey: Exports Are At Risk


by Ousmène Jacques Mandeng 

22 August 2018

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Turkish Lira Tumbles, Contagion Risks Rise


by Alessandro Magnoli, Francisco Quintana and Pablo Gallego

13 August 2018

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IRAQ: Protests Will Be Contained, But Risk Of Further Unrest Remains


by Alessandro Magnoli Bocchi, 

Pablo Gallego Cuervo and Francisco Quintana

18 July 2018

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NORTH KOREA – US SUMMIT: A Vague Agreement That Mostly Benefits Kim Jong-Un


by Alessandro Magnoli, Francisco Quintana and Palo Gallego Cuervo 

14 June 2018

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Bullet Points - New Government to Be Initially Only Modestly Confrontational with Europe


by Brunello Rosa 

and Nouriel Roubini

11  June 2018

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Italy: Political Crisis Intensifies and Becomes Institutional


by Brunello Rosa

29 May 2018

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A Quick Memo on The Koreas: Mutual Advantages of a Possible Re-Unification


by Joseph Shupac

2 May 2018

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Impact of Tariffs and Trade Wars on the US Dollar


By Nouriel Roubini 

and Brunello Rosa

15 March 2018


Italian Election 2018: A Radical Political Regime Change


By Brunello Rosa 

and Nouriel Roubini

5 March 2018

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Turkey’s Attacks In Afrin Will Be Small-Scale And Unlikely To Move Markets


by Alessandro Magnoli Bocchi 

and Pablo Gallego Cuervo 

22 January 2018

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Tensions in the Balkans Are Rising Ahead of Strategic Paper on EU Enlargement


by Arlind Rama

19 January 2018

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Brexit vs Grexit: Why Negotiations Will Remain Bumpy


by Brunello Rosa

8 December 2017

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Reiterating Our Out-Of-Consensus View on the Riksbank


by Brunello Rosa

27 November 2017

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Catalonia Independence Tensions Set To Remain High For Some Time


by Brunello Rosa and Nouriel Roubini

31 October 2017

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